Lindsay works with a Council of Light Beings with whom she has a Soul Contract to serve as their translator on the Earth plane. Through this Council she accesses Libraries of Light, Akashic Records, past lives, as well as the client’s Higher Self and specific spiritual guides to explore whatever issues a client might present.

Lindsay's work is the embodiment of three decades of spiritual study, during which she trained in Matrix Energetics, Reconnection, plant medicine, shamanism, kinesiology, Polarity, cranial-sacral, sound healing, and the intuitive arts. (Please see resume below for further detail.)

During her journey as an energy healer she learned to listen to subtle body rhythms and use intuition to locate imbalances. Soon her client’s bodies began speaking in more mystical ways, revealing unconscious traumas, unhealed past life stories, and other types of unseen constrictions that can result in physical imbalance.

The capacity to receive this information inspired Lindsay to develop her ability to communicate with vibrational energy in other forms. She began a course of study that would guide her to eventually communicate telepathically with animals, plants, trees, nature spirits and land Devas.

Tulum 2017

Tulum 2017

As her capacity to listen telepathically developed Lindsay’s own Spiritual Guides and Ascended Master Teachers began appearing to mentor her directly. Through this tutelage she was taught how to communicate with the many layers of Ascended Beings from the Hierarchy of Light, including Angels and Archangels.

Several years ago Lindsay embarked on a life-changing retreat in Egypt, where she was guided through a complex initiation utilizing the Ancient Temple System, a matrix still anchored in the energetic realms. Upon completion she became a Divine Channel of Ascended Master and Teachers from the highest Creator-inspired wisdom. Shortly after she was introduced to the Council of 30 Light Beings with whom she now channels in service to our planet’s evolution.



AUGUST 2017: Divine University, Sri’ama Qala 

Training: Secrets of Enlightened Master Healing

Training in physical, emotional and Soul-level healing.


APRIL 2016: Divine University, Sri’ama Qala

Training: Opening Divine Channel of Love, Higher Guidance and Wisdom

Working with pyramids, advanced light technologies and Secret Teachings of the Masters using the temple matrix in Egypt.


MARCH - JUNE 2015: Mama Gena School of Womanly Arts, NYC

Mastery Training in Divine Feminine Reclamation and Embodiment

Taught by Regina Thomashauer.


2014: Self Mastery School of Loving Presence, Sri’ama Qala

One Year Mastery Training

Working with the Holy Mother and Enlightened Masters in multi-dimensional consciousness.


2013: Mexico and Peru

Three Month Sabbatical 

Working independently and collaboratively with sacred sites both known and hidden.


2012 - 2016

Four Year Training with a Council of Light Beings and Ascended Master Teachers

Opening third eye for communication, trainings in balancing, healing and recalibration, both personal and in my work as an energy healer. Teachings too numerous to list!


2012: New Mexico

Two Month Sabbatical

Working independently with sacred sites.


2012: Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics, Levels I and II

Taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett.


2011: Reconnective Healing

Recconective Healing, Levels I, II and III

Taught by Dr. Eric Pearl.


2010: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies

Delphi University 5th Degree Initiate in the High Order of the Dove

Medium and Spiritual Counselor.


2009-2011: The Mystery School at the Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

Two Year Training: Shamanic and Earth-Based Healing Arts

Taught by Eleanora Amendolara.


2008-2010: Animal Spirit Network

Two Year Program: Animal Communication Animal Spirit Network



Reiki levels I and II

Taught by Lorry Salluzzi and Linda Epstein.



One Year Training: Plant Medicine and Herbal Traditions

Taught by Mathew Woods.


2003: Biosonic Institute

One Year Training: Polarity and Sound Healing

Taught by John Beaulieu.


2002: John Upledger Foundation

Cranial Sacral I


1997 - 2011

Perelandra Medical Assistance Program ( MAP )

Working personally with an etheric group of Light Beings whose focus is healing.


1997- 2000: La Luna Herbals

Founded La Luna Herbals

Organic farm specializing in plant medicine in the mountains of Costa Rica.