“My work with Lindsay has completely transformed my life. I feel loved and supported by the universe, am clearer and clearer about my life's direction and purpose, and I have a sense of peace as a result that is magnificent. I am eternally grateful and could never express in words the depth of transformation I am experiencing. Thank you Lindsay for your integrity, kindness, loving heart and dedication to this work in benefit of all beings. 

The combination of time spent communicating with our guides (meditating, prayer, etc) and time in nature felt so balanced and grounded. The places you took us were magical, sacred. It blew me away!"

- P.L.

“A life changing experience. Lindsay is an inspiration. With ineffable grace, unfailing generosity, infinite kindness, and a whole lot of humor she led us through an intense and utterly magical few days. Her teaching makes the Unseen tangible, accessible, real, delightful. Things I have vaguely felt or dreamt of have become a deep knowing, I have remembered to trust, I have remembered to listen, I have remembered to sit still, I feel as though I have been opened up and had the light poured through me. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for your guidance, your  wisdom and your love. This work takes you on a journey your whole being knows it wants to be on."

- E.B.

"Lindsay’s guidance led me to a deeper understanding of my highest self. The information I received was profound, yet familiar. It’s as if she reconnected me to a knowing that I’ve always had, something that I had simply forgotten."

- M.B., Berkeley, CA

"I was guided to work with Lindsay on a specific release or healing that I felt needed to happen around an aspect of my relationship with my former husband. What I didn't know then, but know now, is that that would be the beginning of a transformation that would impact every area of my life and move me beyond the singular issue that initially brought me to Lindsay. It was a catalyst for catapulting me into a deeper understanding and greater clarity of my purpose, and living a more inspired, intentional life. In reviewing my early sessions with Lindsay I was exhilarated and humbled to find that I am now living much of what was revealed to me ten months ago. Lindsay's work is exquisite, elegant, loving, accessible and profound. For me it has been, and continues to be, a pathway to personal empowerment, a guide toward self-love, and a means for tapping into the potency of my own unique offering. It is perhaps the most profound and fulfilling work I have ever experienced."

- C.J., New York, NY

"Working with Lindsay was amazingly enlightening and helpful. She helped me unlock core secrets that I needed to see in order to advance my life’s purpose. And I love the little side chats she has with the guides she works with."

- T.S., Oakland, CA

"I had to pause and process my amazing session with you! Thank you for opening up my consciousness and helping me step into a new state of being. What I walked away with was completely unexpected and more than I could have imagineG."

- C.R., Poughkeepsie, NY

"I began working with Lindsay to address severe menstrual pain. We started sessions shortly after the new year and from the start, my progress soared! The pain level dropped from 10/10 to 4/10, literally after one session.

Lindsay’s membership and direct connection with an etheric council of light beings of the highest and purest frequencies - provided a portal to a specific and important past life trauma that was affecting my reproductive system, showing up in my monthly cycle, and additionally affecting my level of trust on numerous levels.

At each session, Lindsay and the Council met me exactly where I was within the web of my mending. The Council provided further information, while Lindsay translated and delivered it in such a way that uplifted, enlightened and empowered me on all levels - and at all times! Those bonuses came home with me to be carried out into the world. The restoration to my reproductive system was so swift, thorough and beyond my greatest expectations. Not only were my symptoms vanishing, but I felt stronger as the sessions shifted into preparing me for conception. 3.5 months after our healing work commenced (roughly 8 sessions), I conceived - easily and effortlessly! I am now with a healthy and mighty smooth pregnancy.

Lindsay creates a beautiful, safe, equanimous and super loving space so the opportunity was ripened and readied to allow deeper levels of emotions be exposed. We filled holes in my confidence, dissolved a history of nervous distrust, and I experienced the very real power and productivity of forgiveness.

As a human being, Lindsay is committed to humanity. As a channel she is in the purest alignment with her gifts, and as a healer she delivers unwavering care of the highest level."

- R.S., Woodstock, NY

"Lindsay's partnership with acupuncturist Rebecca Steele super-charged the sessions, creating a dual modality and healing team that comes now as a great offering and blessing to our community. This rare healing combination, merging higher guidance from light-realms with specifically targeted meridian activation points on the physical body, brought my whole being into alignment with its own innate mechanism of self-healing. At a time when many of us are finding core issues and blockages rising up to be acknowledged and released, the McGowen-Steele team seems divinely ordained and contoured for such work. For anyone seeking breakthrough assistance in taking their self-healing to a new level, there is no other single healer or healing-team I could recommend more."

- R.N., New Paltz, NY

"Our session last night was incredible. I have been feeling a lot of hope and ease today about what is possible ahead. Thank you for bringing all of that information forth. You’re incredibly talented and your gift is really amazing!"

- E.M., Stone Ridge, NY

"Lindsay’s work is notably egoless. By openly working with a council of light teachers she gets out of the way, paving a path of clear communication between the client and the divine guidance that is his or her birthright. She gave me specific things that I could do to further the direction that I want to go in. She was right on and inspiring. She gave me hope without the fluff."

- M.H., Atlanta, GA

"I first met Lindsay in the summer of 2016, it was by chance, my acupuncturist suggested I might be interested in meeting her. I was very ill at the time, I was in acute liver rejection after an organ transplant and my body was not functioning at the time. I was stick thin, in constant pain and I could barely walk or stand--I was a shadow of my former self. She looked at me with love, she did not look at me as if I was sick, it was as if she could see my soul. She welcomed me into her care with open arms -- seeing that I really needed help.

The meditations she has provided me with, the healing she did with me and the clear channel she possessed in order to communicate the spiritual masters' messages are unlike anything else I have experienced. I was in a dire health situation, and my health has continued to be in a very precarious spot for a while -- but with Lindsay's help I have been able to move forward in a way I honestly never thought possible. I carry Lindsay's messages and instructions and healing messages with me everywhere, I have them with me everyday in order to move forward and to learn. Although we only speak every so often now that I am getting physically better, I know that if I need some guidance I can ask her, and sometimes I feel safe from just having that knowledge.

Her loving presence is unparalleled in my book, she is a very powerful healer and a teacher for whom I am extremely, extremely grateful. Not only has she helped me in the physical, but also in the emotional and spiritual realms. I must reiterate this: I truly believe I would not have been able to move forward to a better place both emotionally and physically if not for Lindsay's help. I feel embraced by the love of the universe and the love that she offers so readily, both as a medium and a healer."

- N.H., New York NY

"I’ve had multiple sessions with Lindsay, each one uplifting and reinforcing of truths that have served as guideposts in my life. She is gentle, articulate, and positive."

- H.I., Los Angeles, CA

"Lindsay was easy to talk to, very straightforward and not overly new-agey. I was a bit nervous before our session, but she made me feel very comfortable and I was amazed at how spot on she was about my life and my potential."

-E.R., San Leandro, CA

"Working with Lindsay McGowen has been a life transformative and deeply connective experience. Lindsay's gentle yet powerful approach of guiding me along my path has helped me through some of the best and worst times. The deep level of understanding and widened perspective I gain from working with Lindsay is something I will never take for granted. I trust her more than any other practitioner I have ever worked with and I'm truly grateful for the gift that she so generously offers to the world."

- M.H., High Falls, NY

"I have worked with Lindsay for over two years now and have found her readings to be incredibly helpful, thorough and always interesting! I especially appreciate how precisely she chooses her words to relay the most accurate information and I am always left feeling inspired, supported and more at peace. Lindsay is a special soul who loves what she does, continues to take trainings that add to her talent as a telepath, and truly is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her."

- M.B., Concord, MA

"I am immensely grateful and blessed for having crossed paths with Lindsay McGowen. She is a multi-faceted healer working at the highest level. Lindsay's guidance led me into the core issues at work in my life, with detailed concrete instructions directed to turn these challenges into my greatest of gifts. Her generosity and humility is beyond measure, and the reflection of a truly great being."

- R.N., New Paltz, NY



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