You are ALL vast and powerful beings of LIGHT. We invite you to awaken to the Higher Consciousness already fully alive in your hearts. It has never been easier to do so than NOW.


Bring your deepest questions and desires before a Wisdom Council of 30 Ascended Light Beings assembled specifically to help you evolve.

Awaken your innate ability to connect directly with divine realms and receive guidance from your spiritual guides and Master Teachers.

Emblazon your love toward everything and everyone and you will discover that Heaven-On-Earth is simply a shift in your own consciousness.


"Working with Lindsay McGowen has been a life transformative and deeply connective experience. Lindsay's gentle yet powerful approach of guiding me along my path has helped me through some of the best and worst times. The deep level of understanding and widened perspective I gain from working with Lindsay is something I will never take for granted. I trust her more than any other practitioner I have ever worked with and I'm truly grateful for the gift that she so generously offers to the world."

- M.H., High Falls, NY

"I have worked with Lindsay for over two years now and have found her readings to be incredibly helpful, thorough and always interesting! I especially appreciate how precisely she chooses her words to relay the most accurate information and I am always left feeling inspired, supported and more at peace. Lindsay is a special soul who loves what she does, continues to take trainings that add to her talent as a telepath, and truly is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her."

- M.B., Concord, MA